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Below is a list of credit rating agencies currently registered as NRSROs, organized in alphabetical order. Documents related to each NRSRO are accessible by clicking on the name of the NRSRO.

The Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS) has assigned a Short-Term Issuer and a Short-Term Instruments rating of R-1 (low) to Innovation Credit Union with a Stable trend. This rating indicates Innovation’s overall organizational strength, with mention of its successful co-operative nature.

The credit rating agency DBRS say it has downgraded Alberta’s long-term debt rating to AA from AA (high) and has adjusted or maintained other ratings indicators on a negative trend. The agency said th.

Affinity Credit Union has become the first credit union in Saskatchewan and only the third in the country to receive a credit rating from a national bond rating agency, the Saskatoon-based financial i.

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DBRS Ratings Limited has upgraded Cyprus’ long-term foreign and local currency – issuer ratings from BB (low) to BB and maintained the positive trend. DBRS also confirmed the short-term foreign and lo.

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EDMONTON – An agency is maintaining Alberta’s credit rating but says the outlook for the long-term is negative because of the NDP government’s unwillingness to tackle its deficit and growing debt. DBR.

Ratings from AA to CCC may be modified by the addition of a plus or minus sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories. Commercial Paper and Short Term Debt Credit Ratings. An R-1 (low) rating by DBRS is a subcategory in the highest of six categories and is granted to short term debt of good credit quality.

LONDON (AP) — European soccer clubs, already awash with billions of new television money, will find it increasingly attractive to raise money in equity and debt markets as a result of their "more sop.

DBRS Fined $6M Over Credit Rating Methodology. The SEC’s case against DBRS is the second this year involving credit rating agencies’.

Preferred Share Credit Ratings. A Pfd-2 rating by DBRS is the second highest of six categories. Preferred shares rated Pfd-2 are of satisfactory credit quality. Protection of dividends and principal is substantial. Each rating category is denoted by the subcategories (high) and (low).

ROME (Reuters) – Canadian rating agency DBRS on Friday cut Italy’s sovereign credit rating to BBB (high) from A (low), a move that could raise borrowing costs for struggling Italian banks. DBRS, previ.

DBRS is Canada’s only independent debt-rating agency. Since the company was founded in 1976, DBRS has grown to be the fourth-largest bond and credit-rating agency in the world but it remains much smaller than its rivals — Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch.

CALGARY — DBRS Ltd. on Friday downgraded the credit rating of Calgary-based oil producer Cenovus Energy Inc., following a massive acquisition that has substantially increased the company’s debt profile.

This is a list of countries by credit rating, showing long-term foreign currency credit ratings for sovereign bonds as reported by the three major credit rating agencies: Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s.The ratings of DBRS, China Chengxin, Dagong and JCR are also included. The list also includes all country subdivisions issuing.

Investor Relations. We are a global leader in providing a comprehensive array of services that enable institutions and individuals to.

DBRS is a global credit rating agency providing timely credit rating opinions across a broad range of financial institutions, corporate entities, government bodies and various structured finance product groups in North America, Europe, Australasia and South America. DBRS rates more than 1,000 different companies and single-purpose.

Credit ratings agency DBRS is warning that the uncertainty surrounding Catalonia’s independence bid is hurting the region’s economy and could become a drag on Spain’s economy and weigh on public finan.

The DBRS group of companies consists of DBRS, Inc. (Delaware, U.S.)(NRSRO, DRO affiliate); DBRS Limited (Ontario, Canada)(DRO, NRSRO affiliate); DBRS Ratings Limited (England and Wales)(CRA, NRSRO affiliate, DRO affiliate); DBRS Ratings México, Institución Calificadora de Valores S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)(CRA, NRSRO affiliate, DRO affiliate); and DBRS.

Commenting on the sharp rise in Italian T-bond yields in an e-mailed statement, DBRS Credit Ratings agency told Reuters that despite the increase witn

Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is a global fully integrated professional services and project management company and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure.

View Wells Fargo’s debt rating; one of the highest ratings of any financial services company.

Current credit ratings for RBS Group and its major subsidiaries. For a link to historical ratings and more ratings please click here.–> Current credit ratings for RBS Group and its major subsidiaries. For a link to historical ratings and more ratings please click here.

The credit rating agency DBRS Ltd. issued separate downgrades for TransAlta Corp. and Capital Power Corp., which have both been affected by power market changes triggered by the province’s climate cha.

TORONTO, ON and NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – December 14, 2016) – DBRS, a global provider of credit ratings, and Overbond, the first fully-digital platform for primary bond issuance, announced today a.

CIBC’s current debt ratings are listed below. The ratings should not be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold CIBC debt instruments. Ratings may be revised or withdrawn at any time by the rating agencies.

These credit ratings do not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or subscribe to the bonds issued by the Company. The credit rating can be revised, cancelled or withdrawn at any time by the ratings agency.

A sovereign credit rating gives investors insight into the level of risk associated with investing in a particular country, including its political risk.

Define DBRS Equivalent Rating. means, with respect to any Person not rated by DBRS, (i) if such Person is rated by all three of Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, Ltd. (together, the "Equivalent Rating Agencies"), either (A) if at least two Equivalent Rating Agencies have provided equivalent ratings with respect to such Person, the DBRS equivalent of such equivalent ratings.

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LONDON (Reuters) – Credit rating agency DBRS is to open a new office in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt and transfer some staff from London to ensure it can keep operating in the European Union.

There will be more political fallout than financial consequences from a credit-rating agency’s new negative long-term outlook for Alberta, a Mount Royal University political studies professor says. DB.

will find it increasingly attractive to raise money in equity and debt markets as a result of their "more sophisticated" business models, credit ratings agency DBRS said Thursday. In a report, the age.