Government Motion to Force-Feed Alaa Yasin
This is a copy of the US government's motion to force-feed Alaa Yasin, submitted on Tuesday, May 10 - Day 23 of Alaa's hunger strike.
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"PRISONERS of PROFIT: Immigrants and Detention in Georgia"







The curren t U.S. i mmigration detention system  

lacks clear objectives, encourages the needless confinement of

individuals, overburdens an already strained immigration system, and wastes resources.


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Current Immigration Detention System- Fact Sheet
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for an end to 287g


On the occasion of July 29th, the date on which Arizona’s racial profiling law is due to go into effect (unless blocked by a federal court per lawsuits brought by the ACLU and other groups as well as the DOJ), Georgia Detention Watch is coordinating a press conference and a vigil in front of the ICE office in downtown Atlanta next Thursday at 2 pm to call for:


  • an end to 287(g) and other ICE-local police collaborations which lead to racial profiling and separation of families, and
  • a halt to the expansion of the inhumane and profit-driven immigration detention system

  Attached, please find the letter mailed to Secretary Napolitano on July 29, 2010. 


Much gratitude is owed to all who signed the letter and participated in the spirited vigil and press conference held this afternoon.  Afterwards, a group of us attempted to deliver the letter to the local ICE Office, but nobody from ICE would receive the letter.  This is consistent with the pattern of lack of transparency and accountability observed on the part of ICE.


May we see fundamental changes bringing a measure of humanity to the system very soon.  

Letter to Secretary Napolitano
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Report on December 2008 Stewart Visitation Findings

May, 2009


This report outlines direct observations made by Georgia Detention Watch members and volunteers during the visit and some of the recurring concerns voiced by the detainees, which we believe may reflect violations of ICE’s national detention standards and basic protections guaranteed by the federal constitution and international human rights standards. Our recommendations emphasize the importance of developing oversight mechanisms and detention standards that will adequately hold ICE and its contractors accountable for operation of their facilities and advance the protection of the basic human dignity and rights of detainees in their custody. Many detainees interviewed expressed fears of retaliation; therefore, names of detainees in this report have been changed to protect their identity.

Report on Stewart Visitation Findings
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